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What is Tappy?

Tappy is a box with a chip that can easily be configured to keep and share your WiFi code to anyone who taps his/her device on your Tappy

How Safe is Tappy?

Tappy is as safe as you are. Sharing your WiFi password with anybody is always a risk. That is why we always advise you to set up a separate guest network. Check the website of the manufacturer of your router if and how you can install a guest network. Then connect Tappy to your (Guest)network.

After you have configured Tappy you can protect Tappy against overwriting or removing the code by using a PIN code. Check the support page how to protect your Tappy.

Your WiFi password can be as long as you want. Whether you use 10 Characters or 78, It does not matter. Tappy remembers and shares it via a tap. 


How long does Tappy work?

Tappy always works. You do not need to charge Tappy, there are no batteries and you do not have to connect Tappy to a power outlet. One-time configuring is enough for years of convenience.

If you want you can (re)program Tappy as often as you like. Up to 500,000 times! Just so you know.

Do you provide technical support?

Of course we provide technical support for Tappy and the use of the Tappy app.

However, we cannot give you technical support with setting up your WiFi network at your home or office. We assume that you have a working WiFi network.

If you need any support, first check our support page

Does Tappy work with every smartphone and tablet?

Yes and no.

To configure Tappy, you need an Androidphone or tablet with NFC chip and Lollipop or later. Lolli what? Lollipop is the Android operating system that was introduced at the end of 2014. So if your phone is older than the end of 2014 and has never been updated, you may not be able to configure Tappy.

Do you own a old phone or do you not own an Android device at all? Maybe one of your children or friends has an Android device that you can use to configure Tappy once.

Almost all devices with an Android operating system can connect directly to the WiFi network via a tap on Tappy. Note that NFC is on. On the support page you can read how you can switch on NFC.

iPhone (iOS)
Through a very strict policy, Apple (iOS) does not allow users to use their device to configure Tappy. We have good hopes that this will be possible in the near future. We are ready for it. Apple not.

From the iPhone 6 and up, you can also download an app which you can use to connect to WiFi via Tappy, given that the device runs on iOS 11 or newer.

However, from the iPhone Xr and Xs on, it is possible to use Tappy to connect to the WiFi network.

The Tappy App also creates a QR code which can be printed. Every iPhone with iOS 11 and higher is able to read the QR code with the normal camera and automatically connect to the WiFi network.

What if I get a new WiFi password?

No problem. You can (re)configure Tappy as often as you want. Did you get a new router? Are you going to move? Just reconfigure Tappy and continue as you were doing.

What data does Tappy collect about me?

Absolutely none. We do not collect data through Tappy or our App. 

Tappy is 100% stand-alone. The data used to configure Tappy is stored on a chip inside Tappy. 

Users who tap their phone on Tappy only read the programmed code. No data is sent to or stored onto Tappy.

Configuring Tappy

I have no or little knowledge of technology. Is Tappy something for me?

We have done everything we can to make using Tappy as simple as possible. Convenience is one of the reasons to purchase Tappy!

The App is self-explanatory. After you have downloaded the App you open the App and you immediately see with which WiFi network within your reach you can connect Tappy. Select the network, enter the password and click OK. Then click on the CONFIGURE TAPPY button and tap your phone on Tappy. That's all!

How long does it take to configure Tappy?

Tappy can be configures within 10 seconds.  keep your wifi password at hand.

what do I need to configure Tappy?

To configure Tappy you need a device with an Android operating system and an NFC chip. This means that you can use virtually all smartphones from, for example, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG or HTC.

Unfortunately you can not use an iPhone or other iOS devices to program Tappy.

How do I configure Tappy?

On our support page you will find a simple description of how you can program Tappy.

Using Tappy

Which devices can connect to WiFi via Tappy?

You can use Tappy with devices that contain an NFC chip. Almost all phones with an android system (For example, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG or HTC) contain this technology. For a complete list of NFC-enabled mobile devices, click here.

iPhone (iOS)
You can use Tappy to connect to WiFi from iPhone XR, XS and up. For older devices, you can download an app that allows you to connect any device from iPhone 6 and newer to WiFi via Tappy. 

Another option is to print the QR code made in the Tappy App and paste it under or on your Tappy. Almost all smartphones can still connect to the WiFi network via their cameras. This applies to both Android and iPhone devices

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