Do you know your WIFI password by heart?

Do you like it when your guests ask for your WIFI password?

Well, not us

That is why we have developed Tappy!


Let all your friends and visitors connect to your WIFI network by tapping their phone on Tappy.


Forget your password! Tappy takes care of that!



WiFI connection with a Tap



  • No more passwords to remember
  • No more manhunt for the written down password
  • No more typing errors
  • No more uncomfortable feeling of sharing your password
  • Tappy never needs to be charged, no batteries or plug
  • Connected in seconds: tap phone, confirm and GO!


  • You can use a strong password for your WiFi
  • WiFi password is only stored on the chip in Tappy
  • Tappy is protected from being overwritten by others

What is Your WiFi Code?


I Hate that question!


Patrick Dullens, 47. Dad, writer, gadget freak from The Netherlands. 

The ultimate solution!

One of the first things your or your kid's s friends ask when they enter your place is:

"What is your WiFi code?"


There you go again: "H3ZigO!@We3", What? Is that a capital O or a zero?  Sorry. Mistake. Again? Grrrrr.....


If you're handy with computers you may have changed the original code or created a guest network with an easy-to-keep password such as 'welcome01' or 'password123' but of course that's not really safe.

Or you choose an easy-to-remember password but that is often personal and sharing it does not make you feel good.


That's why we developed Tappy. You'll never have to share, look up, repeat or check your password again!

You can even create a super safe password that no one ever has to type. 

Configure your Tappy once with our super easy to use App. If you ever need to reconfigure Tappy for whatever reason, no problem! You can reconfigure Tappy as often as you like. 




WiFi for costumers and visitors

Our B&B guests think Tappy is really practical and cool! 

  Monique en Tiddo Folmer, owners La Souche Bed & Breakfast, France. 

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